Depository Service Agreement

You may use the game depository to upload games for use on any CMSBox website, provided the following conditions are met:

1/ Both the game and any included advertisements must not contain or link to any glorification of real criminal events, sexual content, or incitement to terrorism.

2/ If any content within the game or the advertisements is unsuitable for children, this must be made clear both at the start of the game, and in the description. This can be done either with a warning outlining the contents of the game, or by displaying a 'recommended age' notice.

3/ There is a limit of 20mb per game, with our uploader only accepting the SWF file and a thumbnail image of the game. If you have a larger file to upload, or need to include additional files (such as a PHP highscore table), please contact us. Additional file uploads will be done for free, but all files must be unencrypted and in full working order for review before uploading.

4/ We will comply with the DMCA if necessary, and therefore you should not upload content for which you do not have the right to redistribute.

5/ Uploading a game to the depository allows any CMSBox website owner to use that game on their website. By uploading a game you grant a non transferable license to CMSBox to redistribute the game amongst CMSBox users, as well as a non transferable license to all CMSBox account holders allowing them to place the game on their website.

6/ Violation of any of the above terms can result in removal of the game from the CMSBox service.