Game Depository

The game depository contains all uploaded games marked as shared. There are benefits to sharing a game for both website owners and game developers.

Website Owners

When you upload a game, you have the option to add it to the depository. Games in the depository can be added instantly to any CMSBox website, without needed to be uploaded a second time. This cuts the load on the server, saves bandwidth and disc space, and means users can set up their site that little bit faster. By default, the option to share a game is enabled, and it should only be switched off if you have a unique game to add to your site.

Game Developers

The game depository allows games to be spread across all CMSBox websites immediately, from a single copy of the SWF file. The initial benefit of this is the extra exposure it gives your game, since any CMSBox website owner can add it to their site as soon as it becomes available in the depository. But there's more: the same file in the depository is used regardless of how many different users include the game on their website, so if a bug does emerge, you only need update one copy file the game. And of course the game is hosted on our servers, removing the 'bandwidth limit exceeded' problem many developers encounter if a game is linked from a large site.

You are also welcome to include advertising within your SWF file. CMSBox does not limit or control the amount of advertising in any game, but we do enforce a Service Agreement regarding the content of the game and of the advertising.