CMSBox Terms of Use

This agreement covers your use of a CMSBox website.


1/ As a user of CMSBox, you are bound by these Terms of Service. Interpretation and / or constitution of a violation of any of these terms is determined by the CMSBox staff.
2/ These Terms of Service may change without prior notice. You will be notified if a change has taken place. After any change, you are expected either to agree with the updated Terms, or to cancel your use of the CMSBox service.
3/ The CMSBox service may be discontinued at any point, individually or collectively, with or without notice.
4/ CMSBox holds no responsibility and will accept no liability for actions taken by yourself or other events occuring outside the control of CMSBox.
5/ On registration, you agree to indemnify CMSBox from any potential liabilities or legal action resulting from any event within or relating to the CMSBox service.

Disallowed Content

1/ The following types of content may not be included anywhere on a CMSBox website:
Content which promotes criminal activity.
Pornographic material.
Content which could reasonably be viewed as incitement to terrorism.
Pyramid schemes, chain messages, and MLM setups are prohibited.
Content which is illegal in either the USA or the United Kingdom.
Recruitment for extremist groups of any nature, or for Scientology.
Redirection scripts leading to any other website.
2/ In addition, you have a responsibility to ensure comments posted by visitors to your website follow these same standards.

Use of the Software

1/ Due to COPPA regulations, we cannot accept membership from anyone aged 12 or younger. This applies to CMSBox website owners as well as members on any individual CMSBox website.
2/ Use of the CMSBox service is free, provided the advertisements are not hidden, removed, or blocked in any way. Users who prefer their site without advertisements may pay a small charge to have the ads removed.
3/ Use of the CMSBox service is at your own risk.


Please also ensure you read our privacy policy.